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The art of ficar. No commitment please.

14 Jan ficar - rio de janeiro - date Brazilian girls

A post from 2011, but due to various requests on the topic, decided to post it again. Since the day I arrived in Rio de  Janeiro, I quickly fell in love with this word – and especially the story behind it.

Ficar is a famous word in Brazil. It led to many tears but gave much pleasure to many at the same time. Most of the men in Rio and other cities will support the idea fully. Most women, although changing, don’t. For many it’s a way to be close to the man they like, hoping something more comes out of it.

What’s Ficar? Ficar means that you are going out, sleep together but remain “single”. I would say that ficar is like a friend with benefits. But in Brazil, this means that the focus is on the benefits, rather than the friendship.

In many cases when a Brazilian feels attracted she doesn’t mind kissing or sleeping with the guy she’s attracted to. Kissing however doesn’t mean it leads to any commitment. It’s just a fun thing to do. OR: It doesn’t mean she wants to see you the day after ! I saw many foreigners making the big mistake of calling & messaging the girl they met the night before. It almost changed into stalking and of course made the girl lose her interests for sure, if there was any.

If you do meet up again, liking someone doesn’t necessarily mean love is involved, yet. If this is the case, most people will ‘ficar’. It’s kind of a special friendship. Most man will try to keep that status as long as they can/want. Most women try to become a committed couple as fast as they can 🙂 But again, this is changing. I see more & more girls (16-24) enjoy their single life, but enjoy having someone near for the lonely moments.

Is ficar common? Yes it is. Most women will not admit it, and tell you immediately (especially if you are gringo) that they hate it. However, about all have their fair deal of ficar experiences.

So when you visit Rio (or Brazil), don’t fall into the love trap immediately. Don’t feel obliged to take car of the girl you just met. Kiss, go out, sleep with her. And if you like here, do it all over again. If you don’t, just end it. Ficar!


Guest post: Why Brazil is a Great Place to Date Women and Enjoy Life

14 Jan

A short guest post giving you some reasons to live in Brazil. Women are, of course, one of them 😉

There are many great reasons why you should consider a future in Brazil. First of all, Brazil has great
year long weather. Located near the equator, Brazil’s winters are short and not nearly as cold as in the Northeast United States, Canada and Europe. In Brazil you can wear light clothing for most of the year. Most of the year you will enjoy sunny, warm weather with a nice breeze.

Another great reason are it’s beaches. Brazil has many wonderful beaches such as Copa Cabana where you can spend many months of the year forgetting life’s troubles on a warm sunny day. Many people enjoy surfing and playing soccer on the beach. It’s also a great place to socialize and enjoy life without the stress of a long day in an urban setting.

Another great reason is Brazil’s economy. Right now Brazil’s economy is booming and the country is experiencing an increase in exports and foreign investments. The energy sector is also increasing due to new recent finds of petroleum. While many countries are going through a recession Brazil’s economy continues to chug away.

Another plus is the language. In Brazil Portuguese is the main language. Portuguese is very similar to Spanish and this means if you learn this language it will open doors to all Latin America. It won’t hurt to have this on your resume.

And here’s the best one: the women. Of course. The icing on the cake is that Brazil is full of nice, down to Earth, warm hearted attractive ladies. The ratio of women to men is Brazil is known to be undoubtedly in favor of men. Many men both Western and local have told stories of Brazilian women eagerly competing with each other over them. This is the great advantage of living in Brazil, where the women come a dime a dozen.

But it’s not just the fact that Brazilian women are numerous and most are attractive, but it’s also their friendliness and down to Earth personalities. Most Brazilian women are open minded and are not as difficult to approach as Western women. Dating Brazilian women is really a cake walk for any Western man.

So there you have it. Great reasons why Brazil should be considered a prime place to hang your boots. Great weather, growing economy, nice beaches, and beautiful, down to Earth friendly women, what more can you ask for?

Guestpost from Alex Di Blasio.

FOSFOBOX – Copacabana

27 Dec

Just a small review of this nightclub in Copacabana. I’ve been there three times and never really liked it. I can’t really point out what it is exactly, but it just doesn’t work for me.

Fosfobox is located in a small basement. The club has one room and two bars. Although the second bar is more of a street bar rather than a club bar. The DJ’s play Hard Rock, House, Techno and Hip Hop depending on the day.

Fosfobox hosts many parties and DJ’s, but in general:  Thursday is rock night, Friday and Saturday are house and techno. Open Wednesday through Sunday.

People wise, Fosfobox offers a mix of tourists and locals. It’s a club which is very well known for its gay crowd as well, so keep this in mind when you head over there.

Go casual or alternative. Bills are reasonable, around 40-60R$ should give you a nice night out.

And before I forget; one of the best spots to meet people are the toilets. What? Yep… the toilets. They are unisex, so both man and woman are in the same queue. Let me know if the tip worked for you :p

Location: R. Siqueira Campos 143 22A, Copacabana. *Picture owned by Fosfobox

Do Brazilian woman like foreigners?

12 Dec

Brazil is a big country, covering a territory of 8.51 million square kilometers. The country has roughly the same size as the continent of Europe and over 35 times the size of the United Kingdom.

It’s easy to understand that there’s a big difference between a Brazilian woman from the North or the South. But moreover, Brazil has a big economic inequality which results in a different education and thus general view over the world,… Add the influence of tourists in major tourist hot spots such as Rio de Janeiro and you understand it’s not that easy to answer questions such as ‘do Brazilian women like Americans’.

In short, most Brazilian woman will love to meet a foreigner. they have a curious nature and are very spontaneous when it comes to meeting new people. Add that many women are tired of being cheated on when in a relationship with a Brazilian man, the “foreigner on the white horse” stories will help you to easily get in touch with a nice Brazilian girl.

There is a but though. Due to Brazil’s economic growth, more and more woman travel around the world, mainly to the US and Europe. They meet, sleep and experience how it is in a relationship with “a foreigner”. In some cases it ends in a beautiful relationship, however often they’ll be ending up back in their home country – with a 9 hour flight separating them. This experience learns them that long distance relationships are hard to keep up and not worth the investment.

So if you are not planning (or telling them, a little lie for the good) to live in Brazil, most of the mid class and especially high-class women will be not that interested to start a relationship with a foreigner, if he doesn’t live in Brazil himself.

The story becomes even harder when we are talking about the high-class woman in touristic cities such as Rio de Janeiro. Woman there are used to meet (and see them leave) ‘gringoes’ and tired of seeing a bunch of drunks yelling on the street and approaching every girl they see without actually having a clue how to approach. Being seen with a tourist is for the high society Carioca girl a bad thing, not a positive one like in Brazil’s (poor) North.

Now coming back to my first line “most Brazilian woman will love to meet a foreigner”; most Brazilian women are happy to meet you. If you are an educated, respectful guy. If you behave (feel free to stand out, but in the positive way), and offer them something new. Not money – as the mid-high class Brazilian girl has enough money but romance, honesty (or at least the idea of) and a new way of approaching them.

Don’t be the typical (sex) tourist nor the American/European who thinks that his crappy Sales Manager salary from the US/Europe will make him a God in Brazil. Those days are long over. Be unique. Dress nice (Brazilians, except Paulistas dress bad), be nice, be direct but with respect and you’ll do well in Brazil, for sure.

Going Out: Doiz Bar

26 Nov

Not know by tourist, but surely worth the visit, Doiz bar offers a nice and relaxed environment; two lounges, the bar and large red sofa.  The great decor with bright colors give this place the atmosphere of a nightclub, but with a more intimate touch. The bar is famous for its people, food and excellent drinks.

It’s a great place to take your date to, or have some drinks and meet some nice woman before heading out to the other clubs in the area. The place is located in Rio’s neighborhood Botafogo, a short trip from Ipanema/Leblon/Copacabana.

Address: Capitão Salomão St., Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro

Mon to Wed from 7pm to 1am – Thu to Sat from 7pm to 3am

Rio in a nutshell

26 Mar

I know I’m way behind in posting some new stuff over here. Traveling & some business kept me going and I lost an eye on time before I knew it. That and writing about Rio, while not staying there seemed strange.

I’m heading to my beloved city in some weeks, so will make sure to add some new stuff on the biog. In the mean while, I digged up an old post I wrote a while ago on a PUA forum. It’s still accurate and hopefully helps some of you when traveling to Rio.

See you in some weeks 🙂

“All below reflects on women between 18-30. I have (and don’t want to) ANY experience with 40+ dating. I’ll write about this in 20 years.

I’m living in Rio after travelling to more then 50 countries & living in different parts of the world (born in Europe). I’m sure that it’s safe to say that you’ll find a huge number of top looking women in Rio, if it’s not about the best place in the world, especially during summer time. Cariocas will not go out during the day when it’s raining or “cold” (being 18-24°). You’ll have to meet them at night during Rio’s “winter”.

In general Cariocas are really open for conversations, very outgoing and love to touch while talking. there is however an important BUT:

Most beautiful women will try to avoid foreigners, especially the girls out of the mid-to-high-class. The problem is that they don’t want to be connected to prostitution & at the same time believe most foreigners only come to find prostitutes. They also understand that you’ll just stay for a short time, so they believe it’s not worth to invest time in you.

Most of them do speak English – although I have many female friends that while we go out refuse to use it when a foreigner approaches them.

Many foreigners also come with the “I’m rich attitude”. While this helps for the favela dark colored women (“safe me please” attitude) the women living in Ipanema/Leblon/Barra mostly come out of rich families. Trust me, when you are rich in Brazil, you are really rich. This is one of the main remarks I get about foreigners when my female friends talk about them.

The most important thing when approaching Brazilian women (and that counts for the whole country) is to be funny & put on your biggest smile. Don’t try to be the cool guy and for sure don’t wast to much time on buying drinks,… actually, just don’t ! Don’t wast to much time at all, as they’ll loose interest or think you are not interested in them at all. Go for it, be clear & make sure it’s all fun !

Portuguese will help you A LOT! Especially if you go outside the Ipanema/Leblon area where women in general are very approachable & have a very easy game… Area’s I really recommend going to are Gavea (both baixo = hundreds of people drinking & having fun on the street and zero zero for a little up-scale fun). Other areas worth visiting are Botafogo/Flamengo, Lapa (Sundays), Barra and even Niteroi if you hit the right night/club/bar.

I personally like the model types, prefer blonds/brunettes with perfect sizes & up-scale attitude. These girls are mainly living in Ipanema/Leblon/Barra and go out in:

– Boox, Ipanema:  TOP nightclub, lots of fun, a little small, pricey, the most beautiful girls 7-8-9’s but you’ll need a good game & style. I wrote an article on this blog about the club.

– Baronetti, Ipanema: famous, girls around 18-24,many 7-8-9’s pricey, especially good on Tuesdays (girls night) & Saturdays/Sundays

– Bar do Copa, Copacabana Palace: Exclusive, women around 25-34, stunning, all looking for a rich husband –  you need good game, but if you do…

– Zozo, Urca : Considered one of the best, very beautiful people during the weekend & on Thursdays, people between 25-35y old.

– Nuth, Barra & Lagoa: Nice clubs, famous, some beautiful & good looking women. Portuguese necessary with the 6-7’s. Some 8/9’s but you’ll need your game right. Check the best nights while in Rio. I personally prefer Nuth in Barra.

ImageIf you like to meet 6-7 and sometimes some 8-9’s then you can head for Lapa (different clubs & bars there), Baixo in Gavea, Casa Da Matriz, Casa Negra (nice on Tuesdays & Thursdays) and Cobral.. The younger the girl is the easier it will be to approach her. They lack the experience with being used & dumped many times, which is about the natural sport in Brazil.

I recommend to have some local friends to take you out. They’ll know where it’s good to go on any given night & more important, they’ll help you to get rid of your gringo image. I have different styles of friends, from surfers to the higher class Carioca. Depending on the mood, evening & what type of women to meet, you’ll need them to mix in.

Also a typical one: when a girl approaches you or keeps looking to you (eye thing) she’s probably a gringo hunter or working (GDP). Especially during the day, most of the girls in Rio will not look into your eyes as they are used to get every single Brazilian man approaching her immediately (in an annoying way). The Brazilian approach is very direct – kiss within 5 minutes or you’ll be loosing the girl is a famous quote amongst Brazilian man.

Don’t worry to much about safety. Rio is getting cleaned up and much safer then MANY other cities in the US & even some in Europe. Don’t be to gringo and of course, stay in the Zona Sul/Zona West area or go out with locals. Don’t worry a thing about Lapa in the night – but adapt to the very local atmosphere… meaning sneakers/flip-flops, short & t-shirt (except when going to the clubs). It’s far away from upscale but so local & fun if you are in a group. I always take a nice girl 7-8 home after a night in Lapa since I go there with Brazilian friends.”

Going Out: Nuth

29 Aug

Nuth is famous in Rio. Nuth is not one of the new and contemporary clubs in Brazil. However, since many years, this hot club is the best choice of tourists and locals in Rio. Why? There are numerous reasons, but the best among all is the number of sizzling Brazilian beauties bopping on the dance floor. And it’s obvious. Beautiful and hot ladies love to hang at in the best clubs.

Nuth Lagoa

Nuth LagoaI would advise visiting Nuth Lagoa when you are out with a girl you met in Rio or only if you are fluent and outgoing enough to approach some rich Cariocas. They aren’t the easiest to approach and as told before most of them will not like ‘gringoes’ to approach them. But with the right attitude and ‘skills’ you should still be able to meet some nice women.

Make sure you get in line quick or arrange something with the doorman. They have various guest-lists and prices depend on the night and event taking place. Look at something around 25 to 85R$ to enter. No real VIP tables or areas here, but they do have two flours with different DJ’s playing and attacked an upper class crowd. Like always in Rio, there’s no need to really dress up. A jeans & t-shirt or polo will do. The women however will be dressed up with short dresses and high heels.

Nuth Barra

Nuth Barra is located southwest of the city on the Atlantic Ocean. Many people call it the Miami of Brazil. Lots of new huge condos, big streets & lanes and shopping malls. I personally feel the place lacks a soul like many other areas in Rio do. But back to the club.

The surrounding of the club is tropical and quite stylish. The tiki lamps make the atmosphere slipshod and fun. The skin of the gorgeous, slender figures dancing on the tables, gets a golden glow due to the dim lights.

On the top floor is a restaurant, which is quite popular spot to spend evening hours. I wouldn’t recommend it though, except if you have problems getting into nightclubs that is. Though most of the city’s crowd prefers to spend a weekend night in Nuth, not everyone manages to do so, due to the door policy. VIP’s are first allowed to enter, then couples, then hot females, and if there is any space left, they allow single guys to enter. Hence, the party area is filled with gorgeous people and it’s never too crowded.

I would like to provide few tips for male singles. Identification is a must, even if you are the President’s son. Take a credit card with you as the prices can go up pretty fast. Nuth Barra is a 30-40 minutes trip from Ipanema & Copacabana. Make sure you take a taxi with a meter and/or at least negotiate the rate. There is a nice outdoor bar near the place for some warming up and to keep an eye on the lines. Again, make sure you enter on time or know your way around doormen with an attitude & a huge crowed willing to stand in line to get in.

One last tip: invite some girls to go out with you. Like in most clubs in the world, the guy entering with the nice ladies gets in easy and gets way more attention than the one going out with male friends only, especially in Brazil.

Have fun !

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